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Oil prices

WAILUKU, Hawaii - "Maui No Kai Oi" is a popular Hawaiian saying that means Maui is the best. Mike Sweeney recently moved to this idyllic island from Denver and was hit with the other side of living in paradise with his first visit to the gas pump: Maui is also No. 1 in gas prices.


He was elated about living on Maui and being reunited with his black, super-size pickup truck, which just arrived from Colorado, but he wasn't so thrilled about paying nearly $4 for a gallon of regular.

While the price of oil climbs above $110 a barrel, most Americans dread the day they will have to pay $4. On this tropical island and a few stations in California, $4 gas has already arrived, straining the pocketbooks of residents and businesses.


$4 a gallon. Lordie, lordie. What shall we do? HEH! Here petrol/gasoline cost's more than twice that much! Eat that up yankees... (c; But it does not stop there. To even get a car in the first place you have to pay twice as much for the same make and model here. We earn less per capita and have a total tax pressure of 47. 8%. 4 dollars a gallon, 4 dollars a gallon. Arrrgh! Even milk costs' more here...


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