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Travels part II

On the plane- while in flight- it was explained to me that we were not to land at the airport of Chania, which were were I was supposed to go, but at the airport of Heraklion- a two hour busride from the hotel. I had allready been flying for 6 hours so this on top of that was... Well bloodpresure heightening.

Meanwhile, my sister and my brother in law was getting worried. Even though I had specifically asked the travel agency to notice them about the delay. They never did it.

My sister got hyper after a while and nagged until my brother in law went off to the travel agencys local office. For some reason he descided to take a "short cut" over the beaches (Why did'nt he take a cab? - I'll come to it later...).

After walking two kilometers in the powdery sand under the sun he finally arriwed at the office, warm and sweaty. He was not in a particulary good mood by then and demanded that the agency would find his wifes "kid brother".

Meanwhile I was crammed up in the airliner with a couple of hundred drunken people. They were totally sensless. When we were about to land many people stood up, taking pictures while the other ones clapped their hands and the flight stewarsesses frantically shouted to them to sit down and buckle up- to now availe.

After finally collecting my luggage I went out to the reception area. I did not have a clue what to do so I just looked for the travel agencys uniforms. After a while I cought sight of their disticntive uniforms and went over to them. Lo and behold! One of the girls- a very pretty one I might ad- was standing there holding up a sign with my name on it. "Sweet" I thought, walked up to her and said that that was I. The poor thing gasped and took a step backwards. They had been expecting a child while what was standing in front of her was a a man in his thirties. Seriously hung over, unshaved and sleep depraved. After a while, after discussing matters, she wanted to hang the sign board around my neck because of "company policies". I refused at first, but made the girl almost cry, so there I was, with a name sign around my neck on a bus that would take me as far as Heraklion city...

To be continued


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