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What do you carry around?

I was looking through my uniform today as I put it on. This is what I found.

2 First aid packages
1 Folding plastic cup
1 bottle of mosquito repellant
1 spoon (the most essential gear I have)
1 baclava
1 instructors book
1 note book
1 ballpoint pen
1 pencil
1 pocket knife
atleast 20 notes of adresses and phone numbers
6 months old candy
2 safety pins from handgrenades
1 pair of working gloves
1 LED mini- flashlight
2 sets of earplugs
1 pair of five finger mittens
1 multi tool
Several licenses for driving military vehicles
Electrical tape
Plastic electrical strips (used as makeshift hand cuffs)
1 map
1 condom (no you dirty little minds- its used as a protection for the rifle muzzle aswell as can be used for carrying water!).
2 extra batteries for the Peltor ComTacs
2Time cards (if I'm the designated driver that is (c:)
My vaso constricting medicine (blood preassure heightening).
1 pair of combat gloves
Military ID card
2 packs of paper tissues
A couple of breath mints
A lighter
A pack of matches in a plastic bag
3 tubes of camouflage paint
(For some reason) a small Philips screwdriver
Wild chips (dried jerky of reindeer moose and deer)
A watch (that does not work)
The cleaning kit for my assault rifle
my cellphone which I've been looking for since last night...

Phew! My field uniform is just about ready to explode! And then I have even more crap that I carry around in my combat west...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you're telling us that you guys don't have rucksacks and haversacks? No ALICE packs?

Bummer . . .

Shall I write a letter to your government with some recommendations?

Semper Fi

Sunday, 16 March 2008 at 01:23:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...

Well we have them to. It's just that we have many- and very large pockets in our uniforms. As time goes by, you tend to collect more and more stuff as you go.

When doing ranger school though we did not have anything but our uniforms and a "fighting rucksack" (a 15 liter one- but that was beside the 90 liter one we had when out on march). Nowdays we also have the combat wests with large pockets for ammo magasines and this and that besides a 35 liter rucksack (we are not supposed to do ranger buissness in my outfit- e.g sneak in to enemy territory and stay there for atleast 30 days without any contact with the base.).

Thing is, with all the pockets you have in the standard field uniform and in the combat west, you do not need- and should not need any aditional rucksack for the type of fighting we are supposed to do (mainly MOUT...). But you always seem to collect all those "nessecary" thingys over time. One thing I've learned is to never go out on a mission without plastic enveloped paper tissues. That goes without saying (c; So with the hydration bladder, ammo and in some cases the radio you carry around as much weight as you would normally do with an ordinary rucksack anyways, but without the extra bulk.

Sunday, 16 March 2008 at 01:46:00 CET

Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

at least u got the breath mints..LOL

Monday, 17 March 2008 at 03:29:00 CET


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