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Oh those Danes

It's not often that I agree with socialists. I do not know how I possibly could have missed this, but apparently Villy Søvndal, the party leader of Socialistisk folkeparti (that is about as communistic you can get), has told the press the following about the organisation hizb-uth-tahir, that want to instill a sharia goverment in Denmark.

- I want to tell these men of darkness: Go to hell! If they so eagerly want's to live in a religious dictatorship they can go to the middle east were they exist.

- If they are so flatheaded that they really want's to have a caliphate and sharia laws, then they have come to the wrong country. They have nothing to do with Denmark, and they will not reach the goals they are yearning for.

The result?

SF has now surpassed the social democrates in polls. (But then again: There are different degrees of hell...)


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