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Sweden - Islam's victory in Europe

This is an oldie- but well worth seeing again. Video

In the comments section you can find this:

I am a serb from bosnia.

In march 2004, kosovo albanians went on rampage, burning more than 100 serbian churches in kosovo, some of them being ancient medieval monasteries. Then a bunch of revolted angry young men in belgrade set a mosque to fire, and what? - CNN, BBC and all other world media showed how serbs burned a mosque, and none showed burning churches.
You can find videos of albanian terror in kosovo here on youtube.

Indeed. Why did we not heare of the burning churches in the MSM? Or the atrocities the Serbian people had to withstand on their own land? Why did USA bomb them when the muslims did every possible atrocity to the christian Serbs that the Serbs did to them in return?



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