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Sweden gets EU cash for refugees

Sweden is to be granted 30 million kronor by the European Union as compensation for receiving record numbers of Iraqi refugees.

According to the European Commission, the funds account for almost half of its immigration budget for the whole bloc; the rest will go to European nations around the Mediterranean which deal with increasing immigration from Africa. “We are doing what we can,” the commission’s spokesperson, Friso Roscam Abbing, told reporters yesterday.

Well- Ladidaa! Because the cost to the Swedish state of receiving asylum seekers is set to rise to 12.2 billion kronor 2010, due to the increasing number of Iraqis being allowed to stay.

Who's paying for all this? Well its not the politicians or any others employed in the public sector- that's for shure! I mean- the security in iraq is getting ever better, then we accept record breaking numbers of iraqi asylum seekers, and you can bet your bum on that allmost non of them will be repatriated and very few of them will ever be productive in the sense that they will bring in net taxes!

I have nothing against the fine iraqi people- as allways it's their ideology and their morals. Here in my city we have a whole lot of iraqis that is enriching the lokal flora. They are hard workers, many with their own buissness and brings in net taxes. But guess what? 99% of them are christians!The majority part of the iraqis here are muslims though. The unemployment rate amongst them are 45% and of those who actually do work, I would guess that 80% are employed in the public sector.

Before anyone even starts- this is not a racial slure. It's a politician and echonomic slure!


Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

very telling stats indeed my friend!

Monday, 19 November 2007 at 05:42:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...

Right- anf at the same time sweden is paying the highest fee per capita of all the countrys in the EU. So it could be argued that we are giving us ourself the lousy 20 million- around $3.2 million I believe- (which would'nt be enough to cover the annual cost for harbouring asylum seekers in my city alone!)

First- I think that we of humanitarian reasons s h o u l d accept asylum seekers. But they should be repatriated as soon as possible.

Second- The rest of the countrys in the EU has to take their responsibility! It's insane that Sweden with 9 million people takes in half the asulym seekers in the whole EU!

Third- Open the borders! EU politics makes it nearly impossible for skilled workers from for example Iraq to come here other than as asulym seekers. And then they get no work permit, are thrown in to ghettos, are forced to take lesser rated jobs (often black market jobs). I know a very well articulated Iraqi with a Phd in echonomics that is baking pizza for a living.

This is all the result of the multiculture thesis. One that after 30 years of implimentation only has showed failiures. Mix that with the nanny, from- the- cradle- to- the- grave- state; and you have a catasroph just waiting to happen!

Monday, 19 November 2007 at 10:19:00 CET


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