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"Pali" Killers

Hamas police killed seven people in Gaza City on Monday as hundreds of thousands gathered to commemorate Yasser Arafat's death in the biggest Fatah party rally since it was ousted by the Islamists, medical sources said.

Another 130 people were wounded when the Hamas-run police force opened fire as crowds threw rocks and chanted "Shiite, Shiite" -- accusing them of being a proxy for Shiite Iran and its ally Syria, witnesses and medics said.

So where are all the bleeding hearts now? Where are the apologists? Where are the protests from our goverments? Where are the UN?

At the same time representants for the Somalian ARS (Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia- a political wing of the former ruling islamic courts) is invited by the Swedish foreign departement (UD) for "dialogue". This is an organisation that even the UN! has condemmned as a terrorist organisation...- Holy crap! Otherwise Swedish parlamentaries bow their heads five times a day towards the UN building...

Why are they gathering here in Sweden? Well we have an (unproportionally) large Somali group of people here. Most of them are supporters of the islamic courts. Somalis in the Nordic countrys in just a few months raised over 300 000 dollars for the islamic courts when they gained power. Maybe that's a clue?

What the hell is UD thinking? Spit!


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