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Pat Condell

Over at LGF you can look at the newest rant from Pat Condell. As allways, he is very entertaining to listen to. This time he aimes his fire at "the white supremacists that suddenly want to be friends with him".

While the islamists and the catholics gets their share in the rant; I can't help thinking that Mr Condell is a bit out of line on the matter of the "white supremacists". They are a fraction that actually supports islamism. Even Hitler was honored with a muslim name by the grand mufti of Egypt, and muslims fought on the side of the nazis during WW2. The aryan nations earlier had a text on their wellcome page that honored islam and it's a well known fact that nazi racists supports islamists in their common goal of eradicating Judaism, here in Sweden aswell as elsewhere!

So if Mr Condell gets messages of support- from self proclaimed supremacists- against islam- they are probably just from idiots and/or lunatics.

I'm no fan at all of white supremacists (as I'm likewise not for their islamic counterparts), but right should be right!


Blogger Flanders Fields said...

It seems he was making a gratuitous effort for a reason in referring to the supremists. I don't agree with him either on that particular point. It would surprise me if any supremist would support him in any event. Is he being a spokeman for the politically correct? I think so.

The balance I agree with fully and thought it was well stated as usual.

Thanks for your concerns on me at my site, Pela. I have had a good round, but think I may be coming out some. I like the range of your posts, as you always have interesting ones. I'm sorry about your son's grandmother. I can only suggest keep it simple and honest when you tell him and let him come back with responses or questions. Kids are resilient and perceptive and are capable of handling truth presented in a caring way. Good luck, Pela.

Thursday, 15 November 2007 at 21:33:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...


I'll see what I can do about the "breaking the news" so to speak. But it's really hard. He has not got a- how do you say it in english-... realisation of what death really is. I mean, he goes around with his wooden gun and shouts "Bang- you're dead" but thinks all the while that you are supposed to "wake up" in a while. Maybe we grownups really are just teaching our children a big lie?

Sigh. I'm getting tired of all the funerals I have attended (and the ones that I have missed). There is a lot of people that I have lost during the past few years. And my dad's getting really old too. Double sigh!

Friday, 16 November 2007 at 00:17:00 CET

Blogger Flanders Fields said...


Try to remind him of the good times that both of you had with her so that he will remember the happiness and love from her having been in his life. That is what she would want from both of you along with knowing that her life is a help to you in finding happiness in your own lives even when she is gone.

I'm at auto336291@hushmail with dot com at the end of hushmail. Give me an email if you want to talk more. Good luck to you, Pela. I'll have all of you in my prayers.

Friday, 16 November 2007 at 23:55:00 CET


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