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Astrid Lindgren

To day would have been her 100:th birthday would it not have been for her demise five years ago. I grew up with her. She's the nice lady who really understood what it was like to be a kid. Her works is timeless. I never had the chance to meet her in person, but I feel like I know her like a sweet grandmother.
She has sold some 148 miljon copies of her books worldwide and is loved everywhere by generations of kids- including me! Now my son is enjoying her works. Even though reading the books to him can't be done just yet, but the TV shows and the movies based on her characteres is the only non- animated productions that interrests him.
She was groundbreaking in the means that she wrote from the perspective of the child rather than from a moralising adults one. This in a time when moral was percepted as the ultimate living standard. But the characters in her books were often anarchistic but goodhearted. Pippi Longstocking for example, was a childs dream of rebelling against the grownups. But there are double meanings in every work she has done. Who is the rebellious and goodheartedted Pippi? And who are really the grownups?
Also read about "Pomperipossa"
Allthough Astrid Lindgren for most of her life voted for the Social Democrates, she would not take any crap. (To her defence can be said that the Social Democrates up until the mid- sixties was more of a classic libertarian party than the super- socialists they are now, following first and foremost the Palme era...)
She was a true rebel standing on the sides of the most defenceless peoples- especially children!
She is dearly missed, by me and hundred of miljon others.


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