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It's chaos on the roads in the Stockholm area because of the snow downfall that hit them to day. Several car crasshes bogged up the traffic on the main roads. There were a multitude of injured people. How much snow you might ask? Well it was about one centimeter...

Really; coming from Lapland where we can have "snow roads" for the better part of the year (sometimes it feels more or less like driving through tunnels). It really makes me want to laugh (if it was not for the people getting hurt). Holy CRAP! It's November! When will people learn? It's the same story year after year... Put the frikking snow tyres on! Nnnnnghhhh! There shure seems to be a reason for why we in the north have got single lane roads with a 110 km/h speed limit while there are allmost none here in the south!



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