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Putin converting?

This is kind of interresting:

"This was the first time that Putin was talking to senior Islamic Republic leaders in a substantive and focused way," says a senior Russian official familiar with what happened. "The president found his Iranian interlocutor weird, to say the least. The Iranians mouthed a lot of eschatological nonsense and came close to urging Putin to convert to Islam. It was clear they lived in a world of their own."

Russian sources say that both Ahmadinejad and "Supreme Guide" Ali Khamenei gave the impression that they settle matters "in the metaphysical space" and with "the help of the Hidden Imam."


I don't know if to laugh or if to cry. One megalomaniac thinks another is "over the top"! Well, the iaslamiz has historically allways had a sweetspot for nazism, so doubling over for the other end of the fascist scale probably is not acceptable. Thank the lord for that!


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