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Maud Olofsson

Maud Olofsson is the leader of Centern and the minister for Enterprise and Energy in to days government. While giving a speach at a seminare during Trosa Enterprise week she alledgely said:

"It was not us Sweeds that built up our society. It was people coming from the outside!"

Lesse now. How far back do you really count Maud? Because going far enough back in time, you could say that we are all immigrants!

Nationality has nothing to do with what country you happen to be born in (I myself for example does'nt count as Swedish in statistics, even though I'm born here. But my son do!). It is wholly what you feel yorself as that counts! Maud, you're just the kind of people that has driven Sweden and Europe in to the segregation swamp! Where people are living in ghettos and nurture ever more radical ideals. It's people like you that is to be blamed for every life taken by TROP in the coming years...

Yes- a lot of the industrialisation of Sweden were being made with people from other countrys. Mainly from England, Germany, Belgium, Holland and norway, Denmark and Finland. But the entrepaneurs that came up with the buissnesses that employed all these people was indigeneous Swedes!

August Palm, Hjalmar Branting, Per-Albin Hansson, Karl Staaf, Arvid Lindman, Gustav I (Gustav Wasa), Karl XI, Gustav III, Carl von Linné, Christopher Polhem, Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna, Alfred Nobel, L M Ericsson, ASEA, Alfa-Laval, SKF, AGA, IKEA, Tetra Pack
Saab, Volvo, H&M, Electrolux, Scania, SAS, ABB, Arla, Assa Abloy, Astra, Boliden, BRIO, Husqvarna, LKAB, Öhlins, Swedish match and SSAB are just a few of the Swedish scientists entrepeneurs and world wide companys that are sprung out of Swedes! They are the ones who has built up Sweden!

Why, oh why do we in Europe hate our heritage so much, to the extent that we now desperatly tries to eradicate it?

To say that Swedes has had nothing or very little to do with our nowday wealth is like spitting in the face of the scores of Swedish workers that has broken their backs for your (Mauds) possibility to actually take the government Jet so that you can foul the universe with this kind of crap.

And I actually like this woman for her standings in other politics! Sigh!


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