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Free the Israelian soldiers

In comparason to the actual people living in Sweden- we are the biggest "aid" givers in the world to the "palestinians". This is a people who against all international laws has abducted Israelis and have not let them contact their kin. This is disgraceful Mr Reinfeldt (Swedish PM). For gods sake, do something! A start would be to stop financing the terrorist regime- which by the way also makes it impossible for the good people of "palestine" to make a living. As I have written before; aid only corrupts the people- Why bother doing some actual productive work when you are handed everything out for free? The leftist are right. We in the west are to be blamed for the radicals in the ME- But not in the way they think!
The sollution to the terrorism problem in "palestine"?
That's an easy one. Stop financing them!


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Thanks Pela for this!

Sunday, 11 November 2007 at 04:25:00 CET


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