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Hello swede

Last Thursday, a TV show at public service SVT in Sweden aired a programme called "Hej Svensk" (Hello Swede).

In the programme you could follow a class of youngsters in Klarbacka skolan, Kista (~7-9 y/o I believe).

Everyone in the class, but for the teatcher is an immigrant.

Watch here (Swedish).

Transcript/translation from a part of it:

[Teacher] It is like this, children, that all of your's parents comes from another country than Sweden, beacuse you're parents were not borne in Sweden, is that not so?
None of you're parents were borne in Sweden.

But all of you are borne in Sweden- Right?
Is there anyone here that is not borne in Sweden?
Are there here anoyone that is not borne in Sweden?

(Three kids raise their hands).

[Teacher continues] But those of you who are borne here- you are swedes.

 (Well- not according to immigration statistics. To be officially counted as a swede, you have to be borne in Sweden by two Swedish borne parents- which is why I for instance will never officially be counted as a swede- but my son does. Being a Swedish citizen is not the same thing as being officially counted as a swede.- My mark).

[Kids] Yeah I know. Svennebananer (highly derogatory racist slur against swedes).

[Teacher] Svennebananer?

[Kid] Right!

[Teacher] Is that what it's (SIC) called ?

[Kids] Excactly. Yes. Yes.

[Teacher] I'm a svennebanan then?

[Kids] Yes! (some other kid)- Maybe!

[Teacher] So, if I said; Hello, my name is Maja. Am I then a svennebanan?

[Kid] Svenne (a Swede) is a curse! (Smiling).

[Teacher] Right, but, Swedes are you who are borne here but your parents are borne in another country (Really-I don't know what she is babbeling about here. Must be som inverted racist Gordic knot- sheesh- My remark).
[Teacher- continued] And I, I and Tove (presumably a class assistant. Also a blond female) are...

[Kids] SVENNEBANANER! (Laughing).

[Teacher] (Reatriting) OK, Ok...

[Kid] (Broken Swedish) It's like if you say to someone; Fucking svenne... (shaking his head, smacking with his lips).

[Teacher] What do you mean. I'll write it on the chalkboard.

[Kid] (Smiling)- That's racistic. (Shaking his head- smiling).

[Teacher] The other day, when I was at the ATM at the square down here, two guys who was not "svennebananer" kicked a football at me. It hurt a lot and I said, "Ouch, that hurt!", And they said to me: "We don't give a shit. You are just a svenne!".

[Kid] Is it true?

[Teacher] Yes, and now I wonder, now you can tell me. What is a svenne?

[Kid] It's something really ugly.

[Teacher] Come on; Tell me!

[Kid] I don't want to. I don't remember now. I knew it just before (smiling).

[Teacher] It's something bad?

[Kid] Yes it's bad. I know it's bad but I don't remember.

Later on a girl in the class notes that "muslims ar good and christians evil".

And NA:s think it's bad with 1-2% MENA immigrants. Whoa. You are trailing Europe with just a couple of decades...


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