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Immigration and me

My father came to Sweden in the mid sixties.
He started to work the day he sat his foot on Swedish ground.
A couple of years later my mother and two of my older sisters came here to join him, my father had to prove that he could support them before they were allowed to come here.
No handouts what so ever were given.
Some years later I was born.

We had to live in a small village in the outback- that was all my family could afford at the time.
My parents edjucated themselves, got university examinas and after a while we could afford to move in to the central city in northern arctic Lappland.

No handouts were ever given- besides obligatory childsupport which my father wryly called "social support".

All four of the children my parents got has university education and works as net- tax payers (besides my oldest sister who works for the state).
That said- I think that my family has given more to the state over the years than we have gotten!

It can look like this...

A single mother immigrant with 3 children can get as much as 21 810 Kr ($ 3316) or more  - tax free per month in handouts.

A single male immigrant gets 15 510Kr ($ 2358) - tax free.

That is way much more than a senior (Swedish) citizen gets in pension.

Immigrants (especially muslims) when they get their permanent residency, allmost allways get a courtorder divorce as fast as they can (but still remains married through islamic traditions), keeps on living together and can cash out (in this example) 37 320 Kr ($5674) per month tax- free!
That is about as much as I make- before taxes...
And the taxes here in Sweden are- Well... Let's just  say that 54% in marginal income tax is what you get!

Talk about riding the gravy train!


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