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Not what THEY wan't you to see.

Vilks rondellhund censurerad

Censoured by SVT (swedish state controlled public TV).
Roundabout dog by Lars Vilks!

The original dog was decapitated:
The roundabout dogs started appearing in Linköping, Östergötland (and were therefore originally called: de östgötska rondellhundarna), after a sculptured dog that was part of the official roundabout installation Cirkulation II (English: Circulation II) by sculptor Stina Opitz had been vandalised and later removed. The original dog had been made of concrete,[3] and Stina Opitz was planning to make a new version of it after the vandalism,[4] when someone placed a homemade wooden dog [5] on the roundabout. The dog was given a concrete dogbone[6] by another anonymous artist. Soon after the media reported these developments, roundabout dogs started appearing in various places around the country. (From Wikipedia).

As I said earlier- the original dog was decapitated- and was situataed near a heavily muslim infestated neighbourghood in Linköping.
Coincidence- I think not...

The "uprising"- with the roundabout dog's was'nt so much an uprising against islam and it's superoirial ideology as much as is what it was against swedish society ant it's morals and ideology. To the contrary- much of the dismay over this controversy was pointed at the anti- islamic movement.

The absolute problem today is that islamism- and that count's all of you so called moderate muslims, as well as all of you radicales- will not ever- ever leave ANY, ANY  place for any other people to excist as common piers amongst you!

You will never ever stop until you have all grounds covered by you!

But I WILL NEVER, EVER stop fighting you!

Just as much that I will NEVER, EVER stop fighting other suprematistic ideologies as communism, nazism, fascism and other political ideologies similare to islam!


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