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Rationing at retrirement home

Rationing has been introduced at retirement homes in the municipality of Timrå. The elderly are now only allowed two cups of coffe and a maximum of three deciliters of milk per day.

The personel have critisized the descision and say that they are ashamed when denying the elderly a fillup.

So THIS is how we are going to finance the immigration policies! It is much needed as every one of the - for instance- so called anchor babies costs 680 000 SEK per year ($ 97150), and we get 60 more of these bearded "children" here (in Sweden) every week, all year around! (And that's not including the criminality and burnt out cars and tagged buildings and the littering and broken glass etc, etc that comes with them).
AND we have the highest taxes in the world!

Pictures of anchor "children" or bearded babies here. They supposidly all are between 13 and 17...

Scroll down below the real children...


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