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Greenpeace- SIGH!

"Governments should not waste our money on a dangerous toy," Jan Van de Putte of Greenpeace International said when ITER was announced in 2005. Van de Putte predicted it will never be efficient - so why bother?

Spokesperson Bridget Woodman said: "Nuclear fusion has all the problems of nuclear power, including producing nuclear waste and the risks of a nuclear accident."

(Which must break the record for the number of false and contradictory assertions you can cram into a 17-word sentence. But that's par for the course these days. When you hear a phrase like "sustainable energy" the opposite is usually intended - the speaker is referring to an energy source that won't sustain anything for very long or very reliably.)

Greenpeace began life as a citizens' group devoted to fighting pollution and the whaling industry, but it's now a powerful de-industrialisation lobby. Its hostility to progress snags it well over $200m income a year. If a scientific breakthrough promises a better of quality of life, then the organisation is probably against it.


So Greenpieces does not want a safe, cheap and an abundant energy source. They don't want us to use energy- period! As anyone with atleast two funktioning braincells knows, Energy equals Money and Money equals Energy! The more expensive something gets- the more money/energy will have to be spent and don't you think that those state subsided solar panels or wind turbines ever would be profitable without the subsides- yours and mine taxmoney...


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