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EVERY rape done in Oslo over the past three years are done by immigrants

Every violent attack rape in Oslo Norway over the past three years have been committed by non- western immigrants according to Hanne Kristin Rohde at the Oslo vice and violent crime section of the police.

"The evil doers are relatively young men that comes from other countries. They are often asylum seekers and comes from tramatuizised countries or countries with a whole another look on womans, say's Rhode.

We see that the perps have a look at womens [and others] that says that they when ever can take controll over the person- preferably womens."

Translation from me from Norwegian- everything faulty is to blame at me!

For those of us who has a mind not to entierly trust MSM, this does not come as a surprise. It has been a "secret in the dark" for so long now that virtually everybody knows the thruth even though statistics regarding attack rapes are forbidden to access here in Sweden.

As a second generation immigrant- I'm ashamed- but not surprised. But then I don't come from a muslim environment.


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