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Is this "Solidarity"?

The Swedish government has implemented ambitious tax reforms. However, the average taxpayer still pays three out of five earned kronor in taxes. And the public is still unaware of the extent of taxation.

In a survey conducted a few years ago it was shown that the majority of Swedes vastly underestimate the amount of taxes they pay. Half of those questioned for the survey believed that they paid 36 percent or less in taxes. Many do not know that the so-called hidden taxes are approximately as high as the visible taxes.

In Denmark political parties to the left and the right have agreed on implementing a tax reform that means the highest marginal rate of tax on labour will be reduced to below 50 percent next year. The same tax rate is 57 percent in Sweden. If hidden taxes are also included, the total highest marginal tax rate on labour is a full 74 percent in Sweden.

Now- not everybody has a 74% marginal tax. Most people does not pay governmental taxes for instance. But the average tax pressaure for the average Svev Svensson is about 57% (including payroll tax and social taxes + excise taxes). And that is after the alliances tax cuts!

Where does the money go?

I know that several sweet millions of the taxpayers money goes to places like Russia (whom is sitting on the second greatest cash reserve in the world), and other fine places like Gaza, the West Bank, North Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela and Zimbabwe amongst other places.

My tax money at work!

And our seniors are being fed slobber at the senior service centers, which they have to pay for never the less.

We also have one of the most expensive tax payd health care systems in the world. But do we then also get the best health care? Well we can look at it like this. Everyone that can afford it or are willing to take a loan goes abroad for health and dental care. There are actually charter trips to countries like Estonia where you can get care fast, cheap and proffessionally, often by doctors that have been edjucated in Sweden- edjucation that is free! They actually get paid for it. With whos money? MINE!

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