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Davis Cup

This weekend the Davis Cup tournament will be played between Israel and Sweden.
"Activists" has promised- or threatened- with mass demonstrations, against Israel of course.

The arrangeures says that they want "a peaceful demonstration", something all with more than two braincells knows will not happen.

Together with the leftist extremists (AFA and the likes) will also neo nazis march along and protest. Of course, the nazis are also extreme leftists, something that is easily forgotten by not only the other falanges but also by the MSM.

It's not the first time it has happened. During the 2006 conflict between Israel and hezbollah, there were nazi marches in Gothenburg to support "the victims of Israelian agression".

When will people in general understand that nazis and the other falanges of the extreme left are children of the same mother. They share the same ideology, they even dress the same way! They use the same violent methods to get to their goals. The only thing that differs is that they also hate eachother. That! Is what it's all about; hate, hate, hate...


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