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I live in a very old city. There are beautiful old houses here still being used. Heck! There are still functioning outhoses here older than the USA.

I just came home from a trip down town, and I see all these beautiful houses being pissed on. They are "tagged" all over. What's the point?

I have seen beutiful murals painted by "free" artists. They do it on abandoned houses, never on any functioning equipment or houses that are still in use.

The scribblers though writes on just about anything they can. That's nothing more than marking your territory, and that makes you nothing more than a dog!

Guess what cultural enriching group of people that allmost exclusively do the tagging?
I'll give you a hint.
They don't like dogs (or pigs) very much.

Don't ever, ever take a dump in your own nest!


Blogger JMK said...

"Tagging!" Yet another scourge we have here in the good ole USA.

In fact, in June of 2001, NYC had a terrible fire caused by a couple kids "burning their tags" onto a 100 year-old hardware store.

They spilled some gasoline, it flowed under a rear, basement door and its vapors were ignited by the hot water heater.

The hardware store burned to the ground, and thre FDNY firefighters were killed - two crushed by a collapsing wall and a third burned to death in the basement.

Many others (over fifty) were severely injured, including Joe Vasillo, who was critically injured by a collapsing wall.

Harmless fun?

Yeah, until someone's business burns down and numerous firemen are killed and injured.

Monday, 17 November 2008 at 19:44:00 CET


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