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Voima means Power- Sisu means Endurance

My mother and father lived through the WW2.
My father came from the "wrong" side of the lines.
He was living on Russian soil but his whole fammily thought themselves as to be Finnish.

They were just kids at the time, so they had very little recognition of what happened (oh, sorry- my father is still alive, but he talks very little about it).

I remember one time when I was a kid in the late 70:s And my mother pointed out the very building that she had lived in. It was still a ruin. All bombed out, thirty years later...

I was for a while ago a personal aid to a German man that had his uncles serving on the eastern front. They never came back.

Still!- Voima means :Power and Sisu means: endurance!

My father has told me some stories though.

During the war there was a road building going on in the area. My father was 11 years old and coming from a very poor household earned his money smuggeling cigarettes and booze through the frontlines in to the trenches.

One of the road workers gave my father a couple of Marks to go to get him some cigarrettes. He sad that my father could keep the change.
It was close to 5 kilometers to the nearest place where you could buy cigarettes.
My father ran the whole way, just to discover that the money was just enough to pay for the cigarettes.

He then ran back and gave the pack of smokes to the man.
He smiled and gave my father a whallop!

My father has only given me a spanking once! That was ONE hit on my buttocks- and I'm sure I deserved it.
But if this guy is alive; I would seek him up and give him a bleeding nose. No matter what age he is in!


Anonymous Mary said...

If i see him i will punch him on the nose for you as well!

Sunday, 16 November 2008 at 22:06:00 CET

Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

He's probably dead.

There are enough living people around who act like that -- we had one in the White House, we have another one in the White House, and we are about to get yet another in the White House.

Change we can believe in!

Sunday, 16 November 2008 at 23:11:00 CET

Blogger JMK said...

It's often easy to forget the incredible trauma that Europe suffered in the span of a quarter century - first WW I (the frst "modern war" with tanks and chemical weapons), follwed by WW II just 22 years after the first world war ended.

It's incredible to think of a kid being able to traverse a battle field to deliver just don't often think of that kind of interaction, even though there's been a good deal of that in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Monday, 17 November 2008 at 19:39:00 CET


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