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Why am I not surprised?

Kvinnoforum (Womans Forum), is a tax funded NGO aimed at "womans in need"- what ever that means.

They have now, during the last year, spent a total of 77 M SEK, with a grant of 38M. No one knows were the money is or who has got it.

They have not paid their taxes (which in it self is wierd- they are after all tax funded).

The CEO of the forum - Bam Björling- has paid out extensive amounts of money to a company -Step up- that she and her husband owns. Nobody knows how much or what they have done with it. But I bet you a hundred grand that they have a large house and atleast two cars!


At the same time there are hat museums (I'm not joking) and sharpening stones museums (still not joking) here in Sweden that gets hefty grants from the state (tax payers money) to keep them in "buisness".



Blogger JMK said...

The greatest scam is a government-assitance based scam. It's not only legal, but the government will help you steal.

Monday, 17 November 2008 at 19:34:00 CET


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