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70:th year anniversary of the Kritallnacht

Germany recalled the Night of Broken Glass, when Nazis smashed Jewish-owned shops, ransacked synagogues and killed at least 91 people. Chancellor Merkel said all Germans must act against racism and anti-Semitism.

The late November 9, 1938 pogrom, a precursor to the Holocaust, ultimately led to more than 1,300 deaths from injuries, by suicide or in concentration camps, official historians have said.

Merkel, in a weekly video podcast, said Sunday would be a day of mourning for "the most terrible events in German history" as well as memories of more hopeful events on another Nov. 9 -- in 1989 -- when the Berlin Wall parted.

The commemoration of 1938 "obliges Germans to act decisively against racism and particularly anti-Semitism, jointly and throughout society," Merkel said.

Vicious pogrom a precursor for Holocaust

Flames leapt into the sky across Germany when the Nazis gave a foretaste of the Holocaust in the vicious pogrom against the Jewish community. By the time the rampage had ended, thousands of Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues had been burned down or looted by thugs as police and fire brigades looked on.

Read it all.

It is still the national SOCIALISTS that carries the banner for that horrible, horrible night.

Some- the left leaning bleed hearted socialists- still want's us to think that the "Nazis" were and are a right conservative movement.

Nothing could be more wrong!

Nazis were and will allways be socialists! How hard is that to understand?

They have the same agenda (world ruling), they have the same morals (utilitarism), they are supremacistic and they want to implement their ideology by means of violence.

Does this sound familliar?

I give you only one word;



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