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How do we take care of our own?

A couple of years ago, I was studying medicine at the university. Unexpeteditly, I was blessed with a son. I felt the need to take a sabbathical year.
The problem was that I didn't have any money. I had no job and -oh. Did I say that I had no money?

So what should a man do?

I went to the social wellfare office to ask for some grants to take me through the dire times ahead until I could find a job.

After some weeks I got a phonecall were a woman said that I could not get any wellfare because I was still enrolled at the university. - And I still was as broke as a bum.

I asked: "How will I provide for me and my son? How will I be able to buy food and diapers? To pay for the rent and electricity? Do you really want me to denounce my place as a prodidgee doctor at the university just to get some hand outs?"

She answered: "Yes!"

"So you will let me and my son starve?"



"You #¤%&&%¤# bastards!" I would have set out for a micro loan. Instead I got zip, nada, nothing.

It all turned out all right anyway with a little help from my friends and family- but what the heck?

The kicker is that I could have bought a round trip to any country bordering Sweden, tossed my papers overboard on the way back, plant my foot on Swedish soil and cried for "asylum" and I would get free housing, new furniture, telephone, TV, clothes and cash.



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