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Peanut brains?

The authorities in San Francisco have descided that at least 1 million cars will be electric powered by 2015.
Aside from where people would get money to exchange their existing automobiles, there is also the question over where the electricity needed would be taken from.

Forget about solar power- San Francisco are just about the cloudiest city in the states. As Mark Twain said:
"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

Wind turbines? Sure there are some winds at the coast, but nothing nearly enough to generate the power necessary. Also they stand still about 85% of the time. Either the winds are to light or the they are to strong or the gearboxes or the generators have failed.

Nuclear power? Hah! No one in their right minds would put a nuclear power station in an earthquake area. Also, the people in the SF area are leftist anti nuclearans.

That leaves them with fossile fueled power stations- and then you are back on square one! Only the extra distribution link would mean that more fossile fuel would have to be burned to generate the same amount of energy that Otto and Diesel engines does today.

So what options are left?

Importing energy from other states that are burning fossile fuel or nuclear fuel.

Can someone explain the logic for me?

To be fair; the situation are exactly the same- or even worse- here in Europe.


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