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What's happening over at LGF?

When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, LGF was one of my favoritue sites to go for information. Charles often had deep inside wieves on various topics, not least on the topic of the ongoing global jihad.
I'm sorry to say that recently, Charles has got more and more bigoted in his wiews.

The main problem seems to be that he does not understand the political sceen in Europe at all!
He constantly accuses different political movements here for predjudiscm and even rascism.
First of all: Charles; Those political movements (BNP, SD et al) are democratic movements. I as he, might not like everything in their agenda, but they are still constitutional democratic organisations.

Sverige Demokraterna for instance; are a socialist party. I'm not in favour for socialists in any way, but they are critisizing the ongoing politics about immigration- which is good. It is nessescary to have a debate over thus things that will affect us for generations to come!

He has allready denounced Gates of Vienna, The Brussels Journal and now even Jihad Watch, the latter for linking to TBJ- mysterious, because Charles himself links to Pyjamas Media who in turn links to TBJ!

I will wait awhile, but if Charles keeps up this chidlish behaviour, I will remowe the link to LGF.


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

There are three main reasons that I link to a site.

1) I find something of interest at the site, and I want to find the site again easily.

2) The site has pertinence to the material at my blog.

3) The site may be of interest or use to my readers.

A fourth reason is as a reciprocal link to some sites that link to me.

I link to a variety of sites, some of which have good information, some of which have information that is not so good; some sites have both. I link regardless of the political slant of the site; in fact, I link to sites with a wide range of viewpoints, because I challenge my readers to think for themselves, and encourage them with my links to go get other viewpoints and information.

I had been considering removing the link to LGF, as I debated the three main reasons that I link to a site and their applicability. A couple of months ago, I removed my link to LGF. If I recall correctly, the straw that broke the camel's back was a series of attacks on Fjordman (whom I respect and enjoy reading, but with whom I do not always agree) and on Gates of Vienna (which has a great deal of credibility for the research that goes into GOV's posts, and for the intelligence of many of the commentators).

Saturday, 1 November 2008 at 11:27:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...

Ahh- yes. I forgot about Fjordman.
He is a very talanted writer and are very insighful when it comes to Europeian- and especially Scandinavian- politics.
The only problem I have with him is that he tends to repeat himself a bit too much, and "loans" a bit too many quotes from others without giving credit (myself for instance). But that's OK! I can't make it big time- so let someone else do it...

What ticks me off with Charles is that it seems that his head has got to big for his body. To descide what or what not is "the truth" and hindering others from participate in a discussion (as in the case of Robert at Jihad Watch) is just childish if not megalomaniac!

If I remember it right, he also cracked down on Lionheart- his fault was that he excecuted his rights of free speach.

I don't care if someone calls me "a white opressor"- that's their right!
If it's true- that's a whole other question.

I will never ever close out anyone from my blog- no matter what they link to (OK child porn and other crazy stuff would get them banned). But the point is that Charles in these cases are trying to hinder people from doing one of the most fundamental human rights, namely free speach, and that makes him no better than the mullas in Iran or the nazis in the 40:s or for that matter any other fundamentalistic ideology existing or has excisted.

I firmly believe that Charles does this to get more visitors to his blog and therefore cash in more money. Otherwise there is only one other explenation- he is not being honest, or really are a megalomaniac...

Saturday, 1 November 2008 at 18:00:00 CET


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