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Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden

Victoria the crown princess of Sweden
Has never had to do a deacent day's of work in her life.
She is now on a trip in India, who have nuclear weapons and their own space program- which does not hinder us to give 100 miljon in aid every year to them.

She is going on the gravy train- big time. Believe me, I have guarded her and the royal family several times. The chef at the royal castle- although being really sweet and a good cook- said that that was the worst gig she had ever had.

There are black BMW:s and fancy sports cars going in and out of the premicies all the time, and she is engaged with a... Tadamm! Gym owner!

Anyway, while in India, she got lost in the airport. The flight was delayed because of her. Officials say that she herself had to carry 10 suitcases!
Poor thing!

I'm sure that the security guards did nothing to help her! Uhuh...

We are living in the 21:th century. Give the pore bastard royal family what they deserve. An execution squad!
Just kidding. I just hate the fact that there are certain people living it big just because of inheritance. I don't mean that people should not reape the fruits of what their fathers and mothers have achieved, just that wheeling down on the rose peataled road is frigging naueseating.

She got booed by the other passangers when she finally arriwed- rightly so!
Give that poore excuse fore a family a normal way of life. Kick them out!
Then I would not have to pay for their Porche's, BMW:s, MB:s, Ferraris and what not.
Victoria could come and work at my place. I'll give here an extra dollar an hour for cooking my lunch meal- not that I think she has ever done that.
I think I would order in a pizza instead.

Shit- now I will have S√ĄPO (Secret Service) on my ass. Hope they like Peperoni pizza.


Blogger JMK said...

Take heart (sort of), in that we in the USA treat many of our pols the same way many Euros treat royalty.

The irony here is that millions of lives have been lost and untold billions of buckets of blood have been spilled to advance the idea that "all people are least before the law and none should have special privilege."

One of the major points the West had during the Cold War was how the leaders in Communist countries didn't live up to their stated ideals - Soviet leaders living in lavish Dachas, while the people suffered long lines for daily staples, if those staples were available at all.

now, apparently, there's nothing really wrong with long as it's Western leaders (or figure-heads) living lavishly at our expense!

Who knew how deep the hypocrisy ran?

Monday, 27 October 2008 at 13:30:00 CET


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