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Tonight SVT:s (public service TV) will for the first time air the new TV- show "Halal-TV".
Three vieled young womans will discuss different matters ranging from socio echonomics to gender equality!

When asked if they could say anything that is haram-forbidden; they say that they absolutely not can do it.

The show has been widely debated on blogs in Sweden even before it has been aired. Rightly so! Many thinks that this is a part of stealth islamasation. But the the real question is why public service television- who are supposed to be neutral in religious and political matters comes up with this lunic idea at all?

Will they be airing "Zion-TV" in the future? "Laestadian-TV"? "Mormone TV"? "Nazi-TV"?

I could be wrong, but as it seems there will be no balanced debate with different wievs, just three muslims discussing social matters from their point of wiev.

"Are we there yet dad? Are we there yet dad?
It's time for prayers! Which way is east?"

"We are living over the Arctic circle you need to face SSE! God damned it. I hate these eternal days during ramadam. You little *****."

Apparently I was wrong- shame on me!
There are going to be invited guests.
The first one is the noted Swedish writer and society debauture Carl Hamilton.

Guess what? A row happened between the three muslim program leaders and Hamilton because the vieled womans refused to shake hands with him.
If someone offers you your hand it is highly offensive not to accept it.
It does not matter if you are born abroad or ar a convert- you have to take coustoms where you go.
I would not take a leak against the khabaa (if I would be permitted to even visit the hellhole- which I'm not). But the same goes for coustoms here! If I offer you my hand in salute, you better grab it and pump away or else you will get my (metaphorical) crutch on your ear.

Would not "Haram-TV" be a better idea? Tell us directly what's not permitted. Like enjoying a bacon and egg breakfast, being in the company of other women than close relatives, letting women drive cars or "GASP" showing their hair legs or arms?

Just a question- that's all.


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