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Green activists

From Östgöta Correspondenten (SWE).

"Thomas Toivonen is a green anarchist and thinks that stone-age life is the only way for salavation. He admits that the population on the earth radically would have to be decimated.
- It would be favoureble if it was done by consent. Nobody want's massmurder. On the other hand a lot of massmurders are taking place right now."

"Johan Rockström is an environment scientist, and he doubts that democraties are able to handle the nessescary means to meat what for the environment is the best.
- If the politicians keep not doing what is best for the environment; we cant't exclude the possibilities of forceful solutions on a global level.

World dictaorship and massmurder are apparently the solution to "the climate threat". The methods are recognoliseble even if the threat that would redeem the methods are new."



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