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The Tax Free Day

In USA the tax free day was a couple of days ago. That means that people over the Atlantic now get to earn their money for the rest of the year and put it straight in their pockets (not to mention that average salaries are much higher in the states to begin with. A nurse in USA have approximately the same salary as a Swedish doctor...)

In Sweden the tax free day are in the end of July!

But we have "free" health care- Yeah right! I have learned that the state of New York have more public financed hospitals than the whole of Sweden, and that they have every bit of standard as the Swedish hospitals have (besides the private hospitals- which more or less are forbidden here in Sweden).

Switzerland is a good example to compare with Sweden. They also have public financed hospitals- with every as much resources as Swedish ones. But they have a general tax rate lower than in the USA!

Well- it could be worse. The tax free day under the social dhimmicratic government was in september. Guess what? We did not have any better health care then! Michael Moore; eat your heart out!- Shees...


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