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A Renegade Against Greenpeace

Why he says they're wrong to view nuclear energy as 'evil'

Patrick Moore- One of the cofounders of Greenpeace has had a serious think through regarding for example nuclear energy. What every sensible person has known for decades are now getting through to the very people that was against the energy form that are most sensible. Soon they might even realise that the whole environment energy buissness is a big scam, who have made food prices rize with 37% over the last year, at the same time that France (and that is a capital "F" with reluctance) are promoting for ever more protectionistic agricultural values and protective taxes making it ever harder for farmers in Africa and other third world countrys to make a living! All the while making food more expensive here in the west; and at the same time causing food riots in Africa and other places...

Here is a link

Sometimes... In my darkest moments, I actually believe that we deserve this; because we are so f.....g stupid. What I'm worried about is my children. They are the ones who will reap what we sew to day!


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