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Al Gore does Scandinavia

No one can have missed that Climate Chief Alarmist Al Gore received The Nobel Peace Prize last December. But some details might have escaped you...

When arriving in Oslo for the Prize Cermony – Al Gore took the Airport Express Train to town. He made a big fuzz about this in the media. This train ride was to be seen as a Climate Statement.

Well. According to the Norwegian paper Verdens Gang his luggage did not. It was sent by car to his hotel. In a Mercedes van, to be precise. Does this strike anyone as a bit odd?

After the Prize Cermony Gore went to Sweden – to meet with the Cabinet and to address the Parliament. He did not take the train. Nor did he use the Scandinavian Airline Systems frequent shuttle services. He was picked up by the Swedish Governments private jet.

Thus making a huge CO2 footprint. Exactly the thing he wants all other people to refrain from...

But Gore was still to produce Hot Air. Not only in the Swedish Parliament.

From Stockholm he went to Frankfurt. Once again in the Swedish Governments private jet. None of the 17 flights with SAS and Lufthansa on the route that day suited him. So again, he emitted huge amounts of CO2 for no other purpose than his own comfort.

(As the Swedish Government Jet is not allowed to be used as a taxi for anyone, top brass had to join Gore on his trips. PM top advisor Ms Clase took him from Oslo to Stockholm. The Secretary of International Aid, Ms Carlsson, escorted him to Frankfurt, and then flew back minutes later.)

The bill for Gores trip Oslo - Stockholm - Frankfurt was picked up by the Swedish Taxpayers: About 12-15.000 euros.

Al Gore – the guy who wants the rest of us to stop flying, driving and doing all that other stuff that's emitting CO2. Just because he has a (not very good) theory on what is driving climate change.

Words like »hypocarcy« and »expensive« comes to mind.

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ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gore!..pffttt!

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