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Sweden shutting door on refugees: critics

Recent decisions by Sweden to send refugees back to Baghdad and other war-ravaged areas have tarnished its reputation for welcoming victims of conflict, critics say.

But Baghdad is as safe as any other midddle east or African city nowdays. So what's the problem?

The Scandinavian country may have taken in more Iraqi refugees than any other western country, but some specialists are worried that the country has begun to harden its line. (My emphasis).


There is no doubt Sweden has been generous. Last year alone, the Scandinavian country received requests for asylum from 18,559 Iraqis, more than 70 percent of whom were allowed to stay, according to figures from Swedish immigration and United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

In comparison, the United States last year took in 1,608 Iraqi refugees, according to campaigning group Refugees International.

Why are we "obligated" to accept so many Iraquis? And that's only a small portion of asylum seekers and immigrants from other (mainly muslim)countrys. 18559! Think of Sweden as the state of New York (but with less people to begin with) and you get the proportions. If I have learned right, we accept around 100 000 immigrants every year! I'm not opposed to immigrants- I'm one my self statistically. But there has to be limits! Most of these new immigrants are also not qualified workers or unwilling to assimilate in to the Swedish society. The majority lives on social benifits (E G my taxmoney). Why?



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