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SMR is a neo-nazi organisation here in Sweden (SMR Svenska motståndsrörelsen- Swedish movement of resistance).

They are of course all thugs with pea sized brains.

They hate muslims and any other immigrant group. But they really, relly really hate Jews. The only group of people being hated allmost as much are Serbs. That probably is because there is a shortage of Jews in Sweden. And while they on numerous occations has wanted to participate in demonstrations against Israel (arranged by muslims)- they have strangely enough been turned down. Because ideologically they share the same bed...

So what to do if there are no Jews around to bash and you are a moron?

Try to pick a fight with the Serbs of course!

A group of 20 neo-Nazis were detained by police in Stockholm on Saturday. The neo-Nazis were on their way to disrupt a demonstration by 400 Serbs protesting Kosovo's independence.

The neo-Nazis, members of the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR), were stopped by police on their way to Myntorget in the Gamla Stan area of Stockholm on Saturday afternoon.

"They were stopped near Riksbron. They were behaving badly and were armed with golf-clubs and stones," said police spokesperson Ann-Charlotte Wejnäs to TT.

A demonstration arranged by the Serbian youth organization in Sweden was being held at the time on the nearby square. 400 Serbs had gathered to demonstrate against Kosovo's declaration of independence.

Police arrested two of the neo-Nazis, one for violent resistance and the other for intent to commit assault. The remainder were dispersed.

A further group of 20 people was broken up by police in the city centre after having having thrown Bengal flame fireworks at cars on Kunsgsgatan.

"They were driven to various locations on the outskirts of the city," said Wejnäs.

Demonstrations protesting the declaration of independence in Kosovo were held in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö on Saturday. Nato and the USA were the target of much of the anger expressed by the Serb demonstrators and speakers.

Demonstrators signed petitions challenging the the Swedish government to refrain from recognizing Kosovo's independence. The petitions will be sent to the foreign minister, Carl Bildt.


These knuckle dragging- shit for brains- is nothing more than muhammad SS troops (but with shorter beards. They probably would not figure out how to grow one!).


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