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Shoeless immigrants and passports

If I would travel to the USA- which I would very much like- I would have to take off my shoes for inspection. I could not take with me any liquids as shampoo or even medicines without a special grant/note. But every day more than 4000 people crosses the south border, no one knows what they bring in. A lot of jihadists have gone in to the USA during the last couple of years crossing the Mexican border. It seems that it would be easier for me to get in to the country via Mexico, bare footed.- No questions asked...

Who Left the Door Open?

I'm going to Teneriff in about a month's time. My passport is about to expire in October. What's the point of having an expiering time when it's close to useless if it's not valid when you have six months to go on it? So I have to go and fix passports for me aswell as for my son. The cost is not that great (800 Kr- about $125), but the trouble of me having to take a day off (because the passport service at the police station is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays)- and the trouble of actually going there- no commuting!- Is annoying as hell! And then there is the kicker that Sweden aswell as Spain are both in the Schengen area, which means that you should not need a passport at all (that was the whole idea), but because the nationality on drivers licenses or ID cards are not actually spelled out, you still need one... Aaargh!

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just would throw my passport away and seek asylum in Africa. I mean, if it works the other way around, then...?


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