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Oil makes for more Dangerous Regimes

There was a time when American Imperialism made for a safer world. In 1970, the morons of Chile elected Salvador Allende President of Chile, the first Marxist to gain power through a democratic process. Those idiots got what they deserved and in short order the economy became devastated after prices were frozen, land was redistributed, industries expropriated and foreign interests nationalized. Fortunately the people of Chile were saved by the interference of our CIA whose actions helped to bring about a coup which overthrew Allende on 11 Sep 1973. In the end we helped install a pro-business military government, led by General Augusto Pinochet. Today, Chile has a vibrant market-oriented economy and its good fortune is directly attributable to the USA butting in their national business. Chile has more bilateral and regional trade agreements than any other country in the world and is a role model for the rest of South America. While South America's GDP per capita is $2,663, Chile's is $14,400 even beating out oil rich Venezuela at $12,800. While Chile's unemployment rate is 7% the rest of South America is on average 50% higher.

Read the rest over at Planck's Constant. A must read!


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