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Jihad Watch Contest time! Bomb, Iraqi dough found in stolen car in New Mexico, Feds rule out terrorism

It's time for a Jihad Watch contest! The FBI says they have ruled out terrorism. Still, I can't help but wonder what Iraqis would be doing with a bomb and a stolen car in New Mexico. I'll send a free autographed copy of one of my books (your choice) to the person who can solve this mystery for me, and come up with the best (most imaginative, most entertaining, loopiest, most outlandishly plausible) explanation.

Read the rest over at Jihad Watch

As I'm not registered over at Jihad watch, I can't contribute over there and I'm too lazy to register. But maybe Robert Spencer stumbles over his keyboard and ends up here magically.

Here it goes:

Iraqui money? What the heck were they doing there with Iraqui money? With the ongoing hyperinflation in Iraq my best guess is that these fellows were going to use it as toilet paper.

The bomb? Well obviously if you have to go to do number two, you need a latrin!

Conclusion: These fine people was obviously campers...

Robert you can contact me at pela68@yahoodotcom and we can exchange adresses. (c;


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