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Affermative Action

According to SIS Ägarservice there are only 18.2% women on the boards of stock market owned companies. Marita Ulvskog- the party secretary of the social democrates- finds this to be a "gender unequality" and want's to legislate for a affermative action law.

Besides the fact that the number 18.2% almost excactly meets the numbers of women with buissness, law or engineering degrees (where most of the board members are recruited from). You also wonder. If womans as a group should be cvoted int to company boards, why not then homosexuals? People of African origin? Muslims? One armed, one legged, one eyed former pirates? (Ok, that last one was a bit over the top in this day and age- but you get my drift...).

If more women would start their own companies and put them on the stock market, this proplem would solve it self! But they don't! Why? I don't know. There are theories of course. One of them is that we have almost excusively had a social democratic government for the past 70 years or so- who through regulations have made it so hard to start your own company that many just do not want to take the risc. Another theory in combination with the first is that; men are willing to take the higher riscs, will crash and burn more often, but will also succeed more often.

One thing is for shure. As a company president or owner, you would be an idiot to overlook some one qualified because of gender, race or religion.


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