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Travels part IV

After a couple of days of cathcing rays, we descided to do something else for a ghange. We rented a couple of motorcykles. Our plan was to go to a beach in the south east which was supposed to have pink sand (actually seashells). Then we got the brilliant idea of making a shortcut through the island rather than take the freeway.

After driving around- hoplessly lost- for a couple of hours, we had to make a brake. As my sister is a diabetic, she needed some glukose (sugar) and to make her insuline shot. We found a taverna at the side of the road and stopped there. We took a table in the outside and the owner of the establishment soon showed up to waiter us. I was thirsty so I ordered a glass of orange juice. The owner/waiter asked me if I wanted "fresh" juice and I said that "Yes, that would be nice!"

He went away, and a minute later came back with a ladder, climbed up in one of the trees in the garden, picked some oranges and then continued back to the kitchen to press them for me!

He was pecurilarly glad to have us as guests. When he heard that we were from Sweden, he got all excited and told us "that he loved Swedes". To celebrate the occation he ordered a big can of´the local moonshine to our table, and pored up glass after glass of it to us. Whenever he was looking the other way I poured it out in a plant pot near me. I mean, I was driving a motocykle on the nastiest roads with the nastiest traffic you can imagine after all.

My brother in law pulled out a map and asked the guy were we were. After some afterthought (the guy was heavilly drunk) we came to the conclution that after six hours of riding the bikes, we were no more than 5 Km from our hotel...

To be continued...


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