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Immigrants face tougher rules on families

Immigrants to Sweden will find it harder to get residence permits for close relatives in future, after the four governing parties agreed to tighten policy on the issue.

The government agreed to the new policy on Thursday after the Christian Democrats dropped their objections. The party, a junior member of the coalition, had previously objected on humanitarian grounds to plans to force the immigrants to show that they could support themselves and had somewhere to live, according to SVT.

The negotiations between the four party leaders have resulted in a draft directive to a government inquiry, which will bring out concrete proposals for changes to the law.

The Christian Democrats' refugee spokesman, Lars Gustafsson, said his party had previously been "completely opposed" to a demand that relatives could support themselves, but said they had now agreed to "some form of demand that people support themselves."

"One thing that has been important for us is that someone who gets a residence permit should not be required to support his or her entire family. That requirement is now gone. It is enough to be able to support yourself," he said.


Well, that's a step on the road. Now the taxpayers only have to provide for thirteen people instead of fourteen... What people does not realize is that the "next of kin permission" includes not only wifes, husbands, sons, and daughters- but also grandparents and their siblings. And when THEY in turn get permanent visas... Well it's like a pyramid scam. The problem with this is the muslim immigrants who often have very big familys (usama bin laden is one of 42 siblings I believe). The immigration policies here in Sweden is a mess, and it's a mess for all the wrong reasons.

Do come here! I like diversity. But frikking provide for your self!

The subs are as follows:

It feels like in Iraq or some other arab country. I like it here in Malmö.

(From a public service TV-show about immigrants in Malmö)


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