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Living in lalalaland

According to a poll conducted by Professor Sören Holmberg at the University of Gothenburg; around 55% of the voters did not know which party that was the sitting governmental party (social democrates) at the election in 2006!

*Sound of hand slapping the forehead*

The poll also showed that first time voters was more unknowing of the facts and that the unknowing voters also tended to be social democratic voters (no real surprise there!).

"This is of course somewhat problematic" Prof Sören Holmerg says. No shit Sherlock!

If anything this shows that 18 year olds are not mature enough to vote! No wonder there are people in the socialist block lobbying for lowering the voting age to 16! I'd say that no one with out atleast a couple of years of work experience should be allowed to vote. Like- Wellcome to reality!

Ok, it was kind of a trick question. The social democrates was the minority elected governing party with the support of the communists and the greens, but still! Young people are to immature, to full of themselves and to head strong to make the countrys future... (Not all of them of course. I have met 18 year olds with brilliant minds. But who would you trust to govern a country- a teenager or a forty year old?).


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