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Britain's summer of terror scares has yielded to a winter of disquiet about the nature of the evolving threat from imported Islamic fundamentalist movements. Police chief Sir Ian Blair recently warned Parliament that the terrorist threat to the UK is on the rise. His warning followed the publication of a police report documenting the ominous and growing influence in Britain of Deobandi Islam, an orthodox Sunni movement which is the ideological force behind the Taliban.

Students study in the Darul Uloom madrassaAccording to that report Deobandi Islam is now the dominant force in British Islam, controlling 600 of its 1,350 mosques and 17 of the country’s 26 seminaries. That means 80 per cent of Muslim clerics preaching in Britain are Deobandis. Yet despite its reach into the Muslim heartlands, very little is known of the roots of Deobandi Islam or what it stands for.

[But are we really surprised? Everyone with a tiny piece of knowledge about the islamic movement KNOWS that the radicals- who might or might not be a fraction of the muslim devotees- is ruling the rest. Not only has this been shown to be true through out history in country after country where muslims has gained power- mostly by force-, but also proved by the fact that their "holy" texts demands muslims to gain and be in power ruling the infidels. The quran explecicity tells the followers of muhammed to do this! And no muslim "moderate" could ever win a theological debate with a radical one, because islam and it's ruling books are considered universal and perfect. I have a number of times stated that a muslim very well can be harmless and a genuine good person (of western standards that is), but a greater concentration of muslims- a critical mass if you will- will infallbly lead to violence, totalitarianism and plain evilness! There is a reason why these people flees their barbaric countrys. Wonder what that might be? They are bringing the root of evil with them without realizing it themselves. Their beliefe!]

Few realise the origins of Deobandi philosophy lie not in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, but in the world’s biggest secular democracy: India. The Darul Uloom madrassa, the second most important academic institution in the Islamic world (after Cairo’s al-Azhar), is in a small town of the same name in the poor north-western state of Uttar Pradesh; an island of Islam in a sea of Hindu saffron.
Although Darul Uloom, the House of Knowledge, claims it is a misrepresented keeper of the faith, terrorism-hardened Indian security chiefs see it as a crucible for Islamic fundamentalism in the region. They claim its alumni have gone on to operate across India, Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as, increasingly, the mosques of Europe.

[When ever there is a madrasa or a mosque, there will be extremists. That has been prooven time after time. I'm not saying that all muslims attending prayers or studies in mosques and madrassas are terrorists or radicals, but all the terrorists and radicals have been recruted through mosques and madrassas. That's where muslim radicalizes! Without mosques and madrassas (and without islam)= No more terrorism! (Or atleast 99% less terrorism)].

The madrassa is notorious for its rigid Islamic way of life, which is sealed off from the outside world. Access to outsiders is extremely rare, but a couple of years ago I gained entry to learn of their worldview first hand.

[Not only do the extremists isolate themselves from the rest of the world. The rest of the PC world isolates itself from them! It's a relativistic socialistic nightmare where our politicians goes for a "let them be" policy, believing that that is the remedy for the radicals to come to their senses. Yeah right- that has worked like dandy doodle dinky so far! Like Jens Orback- the former minister (S) of immigration said; "Let us be nice to them [immigrants] now, and they will treat us nicely when we [Swedes] are a minority."]

As a woman I required special dispensation from the madrassa’s Vice-Chancellor, Maulana Marghoob Rehman, so it was only after months of lobbying that I was finally cleared to meet the teachers of the Taliban.

[Note the "As a woman" I'm very curious about what the leftist feminist think of this?]

Darul Uloom is just five hours’ drive from Delhi and yet on entering the Deoband madrassa it feels like a different country. I arrived at sundown with my Sikh driver Mr Singh, a usually unflappable character who was uncharacteristically anxious as we approached the campus. He was well aware of the madrassa’s reputation.

[I'm likely concerned for Mr Singhs health. Having to take a fare to a location like that...]

A tight nexus of alleys and a medieval-style bazaar surrounded the school itself. Carts, sorrowful-looking mules and skittish goats thronged the dark walkways as crowds of white-capped and turbaned young men filled lanes lined with Islamic bookshops supplying textbooks, literature and copies of the Koran. No women were on the streets.

[Noooooooooo! Remember that all cultures are equal!]

If you got the stomach, read the rest here. (Not that is not a good article, I just find the actual facts repulsive.)

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