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How many?

I'm not against immigration. Heck! In statistics I do not count as a Swede, even though I'm born and raised here. People should be allowed to come here if they want to and can support themselves. The problem in many cases is that they don't!

2000 - 58.659
2001 - 60.795
2002 - 64.087
2003 - 63.795
2004 - 62.028
2005 - 65.229
2006 - 95.750
2007 Over a 100 000 people!

That's the official statistics- people having got a "personnummer"-(social security number- sort of). Then there are of course an uncounted number of illegal aliens living in Sweden.

Let's do a comparasion. New York city has about the same number of people that the whole of Sweden has. Let's say that 100 000 immigrants came to the city every year, most of them with no way of supporting themselves. Most of them muslims- in a country that does not want to assimilate them, but to "integrate" them, leaving them no option than to keep up the kind of lifestyles they originally fled from! There are whole parts of citys, or even citys themselves now that only has a few Swedes living in them. That's the crazy part. If you ask an Iraqi with Swedish citizenship what nationality he has, he will infallably answer you "I'm an Iraqi".

I'm not blaming the immigrants, but the politicians- especially the socialists that over a number of years have used pollicies of "importing" ever more people- primary muslims- because that's where they get their wotes from! It's just a modern form of slave trade- with the taxpayers paying the bill!


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

The US has been a melting pot because immigration happened with cultures that were able and willing to assimilate, and the people arrived at a rate that could be assimilated.

It seems Sweden and much of Europe have missed those two key points. The immigrants they are bringing in are not interested in assimilating, but rather in dominating.

Resistance is futile.

Friday, 11 January 2008 at 01:49:00 CET

Anonymous Lugundum said...

Pela68, Sweden statistics is really frightening but note that the Czech Republic is only few years behind you.

So I see that your Moderaterna government made situation worse than during the reign of Socialists. The same expirience we have got in Czechia.

We should definitely do something and I have some ideas. Interested?

Monday, 14 January 2008 at 17:23:00 CET


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