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To be a retired politician

Inga Lanz, a former parlimentary politician for "Vänstern" (former vänsterpartiet kommunisterna- the left party communists) is lifting 33 792kr (aroumd $5460) a month since 1988 for not working!

She's a healthy and able woman,but explains her non- ability to actually make an honest living with that "Now I have the chance to paint and communicate telephatically with animals. Horses are the easiest ones, then dogs and then cats."!

An other former parlimentar member; Vivianne Gerdin, of the Center party (center- right), laughs outright when she gets the question. "Do you really mean that I should go out looking for a job?" She has a garuanteed salary of 38 980kr a month for the rest of her life- as long as she does not get any other employment!

And who are paying for these peoples guaranteed pension salaries? Well, it's not the politicians- that's for shure!

These are two exaples of people under 65 that I have to provide for. Frikkin' hippies is what they are! Get a hair cut and a job for crissake! NNNnnnnnnngggggh!!


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