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Gore headed for Bali

The Bali Climate conference that is going on right now has gathered some tre thousand people from all over the world, all of the flown in from different places, mainly from EU and USA.

Yeah! Good work! That will not emitt any CO2 at all...

What about using existing technology? Why not have video conferences?

Gore alone emitts more CO2 than a small town with all his travels.

And these are the people considered to be the creme de la creme!

BALI! Well the climate there are better at this time of the year than in Sweden. The beaches are nice- I've heard- and they have those really cheap but fancy drinks with little umbrellas and a dinner plate of fruit in them. But that could of course have nothing to do with it...

The sad part is that many people buy this BS for truths.

I have learned my son to turn off the light in a room he is leaving, and by doing so I have done more for lessening CO2 emittance than Gore ever will! And there is still no evidence what so ever that CO2 is behind global warming!

Now I think I'm going to look for a plane ticket to Thailand. Can Gore then can I!

Is "Being a stupid MF" a job description for politicians?

Apparently I was wrong. There's not 3 000 people attending- it's 10 000 (including staff members) and another 5000 from NGO:s.

I thank them all. Their combined emissions of CO2 might be (a small portion of the) trick to save us from the "iceage" climathologists warned about was coming only 15 years ago! :-p

Live as you teach- and teach as you live!

Now I think I'm going to do the best I know for the climate and go and turn on another light!

And where does the money come from? (Remember that money is just another form of energy- and every single watt of energy produced and used is emitting that fair share of CO2- directly or inderectly).

Well the answer to that is simple. It's you and me that for the most part are paying for the climate whackos travels in form of direct or indirect taxes.

I whish Gore would pay for a trip to Bali for me... When he does, I promise that I will turn off that extra lightbulb.


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