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Scientists makes fuel out of CO2

Scientists at Sandia (a private venture [GOCO] connected to Lockheed Martin), has come up with a way to "trap" CO2 (which no one knows if it has anything to do with the global warming theory- Yes THEORY- or not) which then can be made in to CO which in turn can be made in to synthetic fuels like Methanol or maybe even Diesel or Kerosene.

5...4...3...2...1 Here's the alarmists (Gore) condemning it because it's connected to the "weapon industry" (want to place a bet?).

But there are a lot of process steps made in this transformation. And as allways there is a lot of energy used doing this. Where will that energy be taken from?

Maybe I'll do my share and just turn off my computer! Or like Gore defend his humongus use of energy by buying CO2 quotas (or what ever they are called)- with money (which is just another form of energy- think of all the energy being used to earn that money)!

Trying to brake the oil dependency- FINE! But saying that we will produce less CO2 when doing it- FALSE!

If you want to lessen your CO2 emmissions, then turn off that light in the room you're not in for the moment etc. And stop sending "aid" to countrys! For every dollar or euro sent as "aid" an equal amount of CO2 is produced! (Not to mention that it would lessen the headache about terrorism. For crissake- we in the west are sending "aidmoney" to Saudi Arabia!) Furthermore every dollar or euro sent will actually increase the poverty in the countrys it is being sent to! (Think- How can a farmer in say... Ethiopia make a living when we are handing it out for free?) Those countrys that are reciving the most "aid" are also allmost allways the most corrupt ones...


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