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Shelter women guilty of hiding kids

Three women who worked at a women's shelter in southern Sweden have been found guilty on appeal of helping a mother to hide her two children from their father, who had custody.

The former headmistress of the children's school was also convicted on Thursday by Göta Court of Appeal of being an accessory to gross arbitrary conduct involving children.

The headmistress and the three women, who ran a women's shelter in Tranås, 220km east of Gothenburg, were all cleared of the charges by Eksjö District Court in May of this year.

The appeals court sentenced two of the women to six months each in jail. The two remaining women were given suspended sentences and ordered to pay fines.

The testimony provided by a new witness for the prosecution proved decisive, according to the Court of Appeal. The court said it had now been proved beyond doubt that three members of the board of the women's shelter knew that the mother was keeping her children hidden from their father.

The women were put on trial for helping to hide the woman and her children over a period of six years, despite the fact that the father was the children's legal guardian.

The court also ruled that the headmistress was aware of the circumstances. She was judged to have been an accessory to the crime since she did not take action despite the fact that the children attended her school using false identities.

Now- I don't know the full story behind this. But if a man has got custody over the children is very rare indeed, and therefore the mother must have done something especially awful, or have a drug problem or phycic problems of which the previous " gross arbitrary conduct involving children" points to.

The real problem here is that woman shelters allways take the side of the woman in some missguided effort of main stream feminist loco theories about women never can be evil or the culprits in domestic violence- when all statistics shows that women are atleast as violent- if not more, against children and their childrens fathers! That doesen't mean that women are more evil than men only that they are humanbeings. It means that women are no better than men. We are equals, and as that we should be treated!

Here's the kicker though! When sole custody is being awarded to a parent. The mother gets it in 95% of the cases!

Explain it for me!


Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

youre right Pela..theres more to this story than meets the eye~!

Monday, 10 December 2007 at 01:41:00 CET


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