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Then and now

This is an image I stole from ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM.
In the comments section, a poster has his/hers wiev of now and then- as follows:

Where I live

South Africa is probably the most murderous society on earth with a terrible culture of violence.

In the first seven years of ANC rule, violence & crime increased by 33%. Not taking into account the 50% or more of crime that goes unreported because of distrust between the police and the public.

In the “Old South Africa” crime statistics, averaged about 7,036 murders per year to the New South Africa averaging 47,882 murders per year. Since 1994 we have had a massive influx of work seekers (refugees) to our cities from neighbouring countries, even from as far afield as Nigeria, Morocco, and China … at least 7 million undocumented immigrants live in our cities illegally … so there is massive unemployment.

With a reputation as the crime capital of the world, SA has the highest recorded per capita murder rate in the world. The per capita murder rate in the USA is 6 per 100 000, while in South Africa it is 59 per 100 000.

Because the prisons are so heavily over populated there is now the impact of the early release of well over 100 000 criminals including murderers and rapists from SA prisons.

While crime rates are increasing, conviction rates are decreasing. For every 1,000 crimes committed in South Africa, only 430 criminals are arrested, furthermore, only 77 are convicted and despite the huge numbers of serious crimes of violence committed only 8 are sentenced sometimes to only 2yrs imprisonment.

“When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong.” Ecclesiastes 8:11

The killings, domestic violence, rape, hijackings, house and business robberies, bank robberies, vehicle thefts, are for us a way of life.

We have one of the most beautiful countries in the world with the most awesome climate but unfortunately we can't enjoy it because mostly we keep ourselves locked up in our homes in 24hr guarded security complexes.

I remember a time when as children we walked or cycled to school on our own, when most homes were not surrounded by high walls, razor wire, spikes and electric fencing. When homes did not need burglar bars and security gates, alarm systems and armed response companies and when many roads did not need security booms. When vehicles did not need gear locks, steering locks, alarm systems and satellite tracking devices.
When we did not carry such huge bunches of keys....

Welcome to our New “liberated and peaceful” South Africa.

South Africa was "liberated". Zimbawe was "liberated"- Hmm, if those two countrys is examples of what happens when they get "liberated" then...


Anonymous YD said...

Without a doubt, the suicide bomber needs to learn how to accessorize.

Saturday, 8 December 2007 at 02:00:00 CET

Blogger Infidel K9 said...

Pela you are very welcome to steal pix from my blog

Godt nytt ar


Saturday, 29 December 2007 at 10:34:00 CET


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